Sea Base - 2012
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Location: Sea Base Boy Scout Camp, Florida, mile marker 72.8 on US Route 1
Dates: August 4-12, 2012

T14 Scouts
Josiah A., Ethan K., Evan M., Sam N., Oliver P., James S.

T14 Alumni
John Klimacek, Chris Sleys,
Matt Sleys

New Friends
Brendan K., Andrew K., Dan M., Ian P., Justin V.

John Ivory, Dave Kane, Mark Mojave, Brian Pratt, Bob Sleys.

Notes: After nearly two years of planning and fund-raising, with all sorts of false starts and changes in who'd be going, and even the threat of a hurricane, we managed to pull off one of the more astounding trips we've ever done.
Between us all, we have nearly 750 photos to cover the 9 days of this trip... far more than can possibly be covered in just a couple of web pages.  To help people sort through all this, we've organized things as follows.
bulletThere and back again - Shots from our travel adventures.
bulletDay by day - Thank goodness somebody wrote this down!
bulletBase Camp - This is Sea Base's main camp site... quite a bit different from Cedarlands!
bulletWeather & Sunsets & Panoramas - Three pages, each with their own perspective on the beauty that surrounded us.
bulletFishing and Lobsters - Did you hear about the shark and barracuda we pulled on board?
bulletDestinations - Oh, the places we've been...
bulletSnorkling at reefs and at ship wrecks - Thank goodness for waterproof cameras.
bullet100 Fathom Club - swimming in amazing blue waters (with jellyfish!)
bulletBoca Grande - Our first destination and a place to practice snorkling.
bulletKey West - We had nearly a full day to explore this tourist destination.
bulletJolly II Rover - This is the ship we spent the week on.  19 people, 2 staffers from Sea Base, and 2 captains.
bulletAtop the mast - Yes... we got to climb up and sit in the crow's nest
bulletThe rope swing - Complete with videos!
bulletThe crew - No... not Skipper, Gilligan, MaryAnn, and Ginger.
bulletSleeping arrangements - Look Ma, no tents!
bulletWar at sea - We had cannons on board, and we weren't afraid to use them!
bulletFood - We ate like kings all week long!
bulletCleanups - Proof that teen age boys can clean up after themselves.
bulletMemorabilia - Copies of assorted things we received while on travel, including a nice post card from two of the crew.
bulletBread Crumbs - Mr. Sleys was able track our progress with his smart phone's GPS. These maps show exactly where we sailed to.
bulletBooks and Movies - A quick list of what the guys were reading, and some of the movies we saw while on board.
bulletFriendly Faces - Leftover photos from all of the above.
bulletLessons Learned - 'nuff said.

We also asked each person that went to provide a quick paragraph or about the trip.  These can be visited through the links below, and the offer a personal touch to this amazing trip.

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Josiah - Ethan - Brendan - John - Andrew - Dan - Evan - Sam - Ian - Oliver - Chris
James - Matt - Justin --- Mr. I. - Mr. K. - Mr. M. - Mr. P. - Mr. S.

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Atop the Mast | Rope Swing | The Crew | Sleeping | War at Sea | Food | Cleanups | Memorabilia
Personal Accounts | Bread Crumbs | Books and Movies | Friendly Faces | Lessons Learned

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