Sea Base: Brian Pratt
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Personal Impressions...

From the start, I considered this "a trip of a lifetime". As one of the adult leaders I was both excited and anxious as the day of departure neared. The trip began with a small hiccup when we ended up being driven to LaGuardia instead of flying there but everything else surpassed my expectations. The ship was beautiful although not luxurious. The captains, we had two (Ron & Jen) and the first mates (Kelly & Stephanie) were wonderful; they expertly guided our vessel and their crew... Troop 14. We sailed in the brisk winds that had avoided Florida most of the summer with the boys learning how to sail in great conditions. We snorkeled, swam and fished as much as any of us wanted and ate like kings as our first mates worked with the boys to prepare each meal. The trip highlights for me were the sailing, sleeping on the deck under the stars and spending quality time with my son Oliver and the other boys. It was fun to watch each boy test and push themselves and the support they received from one another was terrific. It is hard to imagine a trip that will surpass this one but if any troop can it will be Troop 14.