Sea Base: Evan M.
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Personal Impressions...

I personally enjoyed the trip despite my hit and run sea-sickness. The ship itself was impressive, and if I remember correctly had 10 sails. Along with the ship, the crew was wonderful. The Captain of the Boat was quite the renaissance man, his name was Captain Ron. One memory of him in particular was when we had a lobster pot stuck to the bottom of out boat, and without hesitation he dove in with a knife, swam under the boat, and cut the rope, and climbed back up acting like nothing happened. Key West on its own was also impressive, there was many a sight to see and the weather cooperated quite nicely also. We met a very talented spray paint artist sitting on a street corner. From this man, one of our troop members attempted to buy a shirt from him several times. Each time the man insisted that he didnt sell shirts, to which he didnt seem to catch on. This made for a good laugh, a running joke, and a very impressive display of spray paint art. Overall a great trip.