Sea Base: Ian P.
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Personal Impressions...

From the beginning it seemed like there were bad omens, from the first step we took at the airport to the first step we took toward the boat. Our flight was cancelled and we had to drive 5 hours to the next flight. The morning that we were driving to the boat, the skies were very dark and cloudy and it was raining hard. After that, it was a clear and fun filled week.

The boat was impressive and better than I expected. Some of my favorite parts of the trip were the swimming and snorkeling. When we went snorkeling we seen many different kinds of fish, including Shark and Barracuda. One time while we were swimming, there were swarms of Jelly fish. They were great to look at until they started stinging, which they did 7 times. After that I tried to stay away from them. Another awesome experience was to see the shipwrecks. It was amazing to see these large ships underwater with all the coral growing on them.

Another fun part of the trip was the ship itself. I really liked getting the chance to climb the mast, sit on the bow of the boat, use the rope swing, but most of all, walking the plank and doing a twinkie flop. At night we slept out on the deck under the stars. It was an amazing site. I learned a lot about sailing such as hoisting and lowering the sails, the different parts of the ship, and how to navigate the ship. The staff (Kelly, Stephanie, Jennie and Captain Ron) were amazing. We went fishing a couple of times and at night we would bait the water for shark. We managed to catch a lemon shark about 2am the first night.

The day we went to Key West and seen the museums, shops and other attractions was a lot of fun. At night there were street performers who did cool tricks and stunts. I really enjoyed that. The last night back at sea base we had a luau with other groups who had finished their week too.

The entire trip was an amazing adventure that I would do again in a heartbeat. I would like to thank Troop 14 for offering me the opportunity to go on this amazing trip with them.