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Personal Impressions...

Wow.  There's so much that I can write here.

This whole trip was a little over a year and a half in the planning.  And for every such adventure we do, there are periods where you wonder to yourself "Why in the world am I doing this!?"

And then, almost in a blink, the whole trip is over, and you're left with just the memories.  I'm fortunate (I guess) in being the webmaster, because it gives me great opportunity to sort through all the photos... to look at all the smiles... to pause and remember how very much fun everyone had... to see the growth in all the people.  That growth can be on a personal basis, such as somebody trying something they'd not done before and discovering they really like it.  That growth can be in seeing friendships develop, and having people help and rely on one another.  And that growth can be seeing a father and a son quietly off to the side enjoying each other's company and forming shared memories.  (Kudos for the Sleys for having all four of the men in that family be able to go on this adventure. I'm happy for them.)

This trip was fantastic in every measurable way; yet another in the series of adventures I've been lucky enough to participate in with T14.  We've been to Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and many other places across the US.  I can't wait to see what we do next.

At the end of each day on the ship, we'd do "Thorns an Roses and Buds"... where everyone would say one thing that bothered them during that day, one thing that was special for them that day, and one thing they looked forward to from the coming day.  I could almost never think of a "thorn", but looking back, I can think of only three things that could have made this trip better for me personally...
bulletIf John Koslosky, the troop master, could have joined us.  Make no mistake about it... anything and everything the T14 does is a direct result of his many years of dedication.  There'd be no T14 without him.
bulletIf Mike Fitzsimmons could have joined us.  He was key to the planning and fundraising.  It says a lot that he donated so much of his time and got nothing from the trip itself; it was all for the benefit of others.
bulletIf either/both of my sons could have have come along.  I'm incredibly proud of them as young men out on their own, with their own paths to follow. I'll keep my fingers crossed for future trips.