Sea Base: Justin V.
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Personal Impressions...

The sea base was awesome, the captains and crew were cool and not strict. I had a blast. The highlight of the trip was catching the barracuda. It was awesome. I had no bad experiences on the trip and everyone bonded like we knew each other forever. The water was as blue like I've never seen before. The views from the crows nest was jaw dropping. I think that it was a trip of a lifetime and nothing else I do will come close to it. The snorkeling was adventurous. The sea life was colorful and amazing to experience. The Key Lime pie at Pepis was like none I have ever tasted. I am glad to say I am a member of the 100 fathom club. And getting to run around like pirates and shooting the ships was great. I look forward to the euro trip and to adventuring with all you guys again in the near future. Thank you for inviting me along on your Seabase Adventure.