Sea Base: Mark Mojave
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Personal Impressions...

This was a once in a once-in-a-lifetime trip to be sure. Personal highlights included catching a lobster on a reef with bare hands and trying to control my breathing while staring back at a barracuda as long as I was. Watching sunsets across the water while also observing/feeling the remnants of Ernesto was moving to say the least.

However, most notable on the trip was the fact that our boys rose to the occasion and without exception made a true "high-adventure" one to be proud of. All pitched in to ensure that we ate well and kept things "ship shape". All pushed themselves to do things unanticipated. It was a pleasure to watch our newly formed crew swing from the yard arm, walk the plank, climb the mast and dive into waters teeming with aquatic wildlife.

Lastly, I was greatly honored to serve as the ships chaplain for meals, which, given our surroundings and the people aboard was quite an honor. Special note of thanks to Captain Rohn and crew for showing us the way.

Bravo and God bless Troop 14 and to all those who help make it what it is.