Sea Base: Oliver P.
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Personal Impressions...

This trip to sea base was most likely the best boy scout trip I have attended thus far. I loved sailing, even when the boat rocked up and down making us stumble; it still felt relaxing and peaceful. At night we slept out on the deck and the waves rocked us to sleep, if it got windy or rained some people moved to the smelly oven which was downstairs, and I got up and stole the best newly available space. We fell and raised with the sun except for those on anchor watch. The anchor watch was a night watch for when we anchored outside of the harbor; two people had anchor watch at a time for two hours. The long awaited morning had new exciting activities, such as snorkeling. We first snorkeled near the shore of a small island, around a sunken ship, and then twice by a reef. The reef was amazing, with several types of fish and sea life, some even saw a shark and barracuda. I went back to the boat early because of jelly fish, especially on the 2nd day, where they were swarming. We also often used a rope swing that was attached to the mast; we jumped of the plank at the front of the ship and went flying. Mid-week, on Wednesday we spent the day in Key West, sightseeing, shopping, and enjoying key-lime pie. But the coolest thing we saw there was a man sitting at the edge of the road selling paintings, we watched him paint an amazing picture with spray-paint cans and newspaper, plastic containers, and a sheet of paper. The scouts ordered four paintings from him, and then we left to go see some street performers before heading back to the ship. My time at sea base was great and I loved every minute of it.