Sea Base: Sam N.
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Personal Impressions...

The plane getting cancelled was disappointing and the drive across the state was hectic to say the least, but once we got to Sea Base it was great. The two leaders, Stephanie and Kelly, were great and always kept us entertained (except when Kelly yelled). Once we met Captain Rhon I knew sailing would be great. You could tell Captain Rhon was great when he slid down lines from the sails. Of course, for me, talking like Forest Gump all week was great, especially when we met Jenny. Jenny was great because she didn't mind me saying her name like Forest did. The weather was great all week for sailing. Swimming in perfect blue water all week was a swimmers dream. To put it lightly, on Key West day Mr. Kane taught me how to be a man. The worst part about the trip was leaving but it helped that the plane ride home was nice and easy with no delays. My favorite part of the trip had to be spending the week with the troop and Sea Base staff.

The trip was so great that it's hard to type the whole experience in a couple paragraphs. Without a doubt, it was a trip of a lifetime.