Sea Base: Key West
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On Wednesday, after returning to the dock at around 10:30 and cleaning the ship, we had the whole rest of the day to explore Key West.  We broke up into 4-5 different groups an went into town for the day.  Here are some photos from a couple of the museums one of the groups visited.

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In addition to all sorts of museums, there were also some neat places to go shopping and just poke around.  One of the places even had a free magic show.

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One of the neat places you could go was to the top of a tower to get some nice views of the town.

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And then, there was this guy...

He could do amazing things with cans of spray paint.  It was fun to watch him create really neat works of art in only 10-15 minutes.

We learned after the fact that his name is James Hooker (aka "Kemt"), and there are videos of him on YouTube and other places if you're curious.

For more details about James Hooker (aka Temt, the Key West Spray Paint Artist), as well as a video of him doing his work, follow this link.

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These guys just crack me up.  Look at some of these hams.
There's no shortage of personality here.

After a great group meal at the Half Shell Raw Bar, we made our way over to Mallory Square to watch the sun set and enjoy the entertainers.  There were all sorts of people there, doing all sorts of strange and interesting things.

In addition to jugglers on unicycles, there was also some completely unintelligible guy that had trained house cats to jump through flaming hoops.  Check here.  Pretty bizzarre.


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Oh... I almost forgot... It turns out one of our alumni scouts had turned 21 the week prior to the trip, and we felt it appropriate to help him celebrate, so after leaving the boys back at the ship under the supervision of the crew, we slipped back into town for some peanuts at a nice family spot named Tattoos and Scars.