Sea Base: The Crew
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It's safe to say that we had a fantastic crew, and that we owe them a great deal for everything.  I can't imagine a better group of people.  We made some great friends, and learned a lot from them.

Captain Rhon Opiela

An all around great guy.  In addition to having complete control of the ship, he also knew exactly how to work with the boys, giving every one of them the right amount of encouragement.  It was a joy to watch him clamber up to the top of the masts and then slide down the lines.

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Captain Jenny Budden

A very impressive lady, with a broad range of skills.  She was an excellent teacher, never too busy or tired to stop and show the boys everything from how to set the sails, to what can be found in sea weed, to how to cut bait and fish in the ocean.

(She also never got tired of being "Jenny" to Sam N.'s "Forest".)

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While this was one of her first week long cruises, you'd never have known it; Kelly always seem to know exactly what to do an how to do it.  She was an absolute joy to be around.


An aspiring opera singer (!), Steph kept the enthusiasm and energy level high on the ship.  There was never any doubt about her ability to control and teach the boys, while still having a lot of fun.

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To Rhon, Jenny,
Stephanie, and Kelly...

Thanks for everything, and we wish you safe sailing wherever you go.

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