Sea Base: There & Back Again
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Things started out simply enough around 3:30 in the morning for the 1-hour drive to the Syracuse airport in anticipation of a 6am flight to LaGuardia.

That didn't happen.

It turns out the plane we were going to fly on had mechanical problems.  We ended up hanging around at the airport for a while as the good people at Delta did their best to figure out what to do with us all.

The solution Delta came up with was to put us all into three vans and drive us to LaGuardia (at their cost).  They made all the arrangements, and even loaded us up with sandwiches and fruit and snacks and drinks for the trip.

Spirits were high, the food was good, and traffic was easy.  Although some of the drivers were a bit scary, we managed to get there in one piece.

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After only a little confusion, we re-grouped, and found our terminal where we waited for several hours for our (now) 7:30pm flight.  So... we made camp.

Fortunately, this section of LaGuardia had fleets of iPads bolted to the tables, so the boys had plenty of things to do to amuse themselves.

For food, we bought several pizzas.  When the lady checking us out learned that we were a Boy Scout troop, she dropped the bill by $50!

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Courtesy of a donation of (a lot) of Marriott Reward points, the troop was able to spend the first night at the Fairfield Inn Fort Lauderdale Airport Hotel for free.  It was only a short shuttle ride from FLL to where the hotel was.

We arrived at the hotel around 11:30 that evening... nearly 20 hours of travel.

Despite most of us being exhausted, Ian and Brendan actually went down to the gym to work out for a little while before going to bed.

The next morning (Sunday), we had a great breakfast at the hotel, and then enjoyed the pool for a while before getting on shuttle busses that would take us to Sea Base.

Clearly, some of use were still suffering from the long travel day.  :-)

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The trip back on the following Sunday was completely uneventful and on schedule(!), with everyone getting back to their respective homes by about 5:15pm.

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