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Here are some key points to remember...

bulletWe had absolutely fantastic weather for this trip, and...
bulletWe were really, really luck!

You can tell by all the other photos in our collection that the weather was generally quite good.  We were told by the captains that most of the cruises were luck to get 2-3 hours of sailing for their full week.  By contrast, we sailed pretty much every day.

It was hot every day, with temps in the 90's even in the early morning.  It was usually humid, and we went from overcast to completely sunny days and back again.

The photo above was taken as we were driving down Rt. 1, going towards Key West.  There was bad weather all around us, but the only real "storm" we saw was during the drive down.  Despite a little rain when we arrived at the ship, the clouds parted an let us go forward.

We saw clouds and storms in the distance pretty often.  At night, we could see flashes of lightning from storms a hundred miles away.  We heard about storms on the weather radio.  But, somehow we missed them all.  I have to believe that was part luck, but also the result of the skill of our captain.

The only real rain we encountered was on our last full day, where it rained and stormed for about 45 minutes.  Big deal.  No problem.  In fact, right behind the storms we were able to enjoy beautiful rainbows!  You can just make it out in the photos below, but there were two full formed rainbows... they made the full arc from sea to sea, and one was fully contained inside the other.

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