Assorted Churches
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A scout is reverent

We visited a few churches. Beautiful, inspiring and a testament to the human spirit.

This church was nearly annihilated during WW2. However, after several decades its rebuilding was completed. One would hardly suspect that this building was not the original.

Beautiful display, terrific visuals.

This was the tiniest church we saw on trip, and you see it here in it's entirety.  The pews could hold only 5-6 people across, and there were beautiful murals on the two side walls, a long standing Christian tradition in Germany.

This little chapel was at the glacier of Der Zugspitze.

The public and Scouts kept voices to a whisper inside this beautiful cathedral.

Not an uncommon sight in European cathedrals to have bones on display.It was a bit shocking, however, to see this skeleton.

A Scout is Reverent

It was pleasing to see how this rang true with the boys and adults on the trip.  There was always a sense of awe and respect given to each of these churches.

Many of the young men took the time to light a candle.  JK (on the right) made it a point to light one for every church we entered.

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