Movie at Munson Williams
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Long before we even began the trip, we decided that we'd want to create a movie.  In fact, it was one of the big deliverables we promised for our Kickstarter campaign. We kept this in mind from the get-go, with Herr Bauer having his camera at the ready for nearly every aspect of the trip.

He had the vision, the technology, and the drive to pull it off, and it came out fantastic.  Below is a trailer.

On Sunday afternoon, November 9th, 2014, we had our red carpet showing.  The people at Munson Williams Proctor Institute were kind enough to let us use their theater, and we had a couple of hundred people in attendance.  In addition, all major contributors to the effort received a complimentary copy of the DVD.

And, because Mr. I. figured out how to do time-lapse movies, here's how the theater filled up and emptied out.



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