Salzburg, Austria
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A beautiful city.

Tangible symbols of the human heart, these padlocks represent couples' best hopes for a bright future!

Nearly a full year before going on this trip, Mr. I. heard of "the egg store", and he made it his mission to find it.  Mission accomplished!

It was filled with displays like the ones shown here, with thousands and thousands of hand painted eggs.

So many questions...


What was the artist trying to say with this? 


Is there some symbolism that we're missing? 


Why is there a guy standing on top, and why does he look like he's made out of paper mache? 


Why is there a lady in a burka sitting directly underneath it? 


What's the log there for?

There were all sorts of times in Europe where we ended up scratching our heads.

Some of us journeyed to the top of a ridge to view a castle.

Our wiser, and older leaders, cooled their jets in the city proper.

Ah, yes, medieval siege techniques, the useful things one learns on a trip to the Continent!

Beautiful municipal garden. Extremely well kept!  If you watch very carefully the next time you see "The Sound of Music", you'll see this garden and the castle on the hill during the "Do Re Mi" song.


Near the bootom of the picture set, do you see our sign? The sign for Koslosky & Koslosky's Salzburg office? Had to abbreviate I'm afraid....

Tough climb up the hill en route to "Medieval Siege Techniques, How to Take Your Hometown By Storm" seminar.

Culture anyone????


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