Things We Smiled At
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There's no particular rhyme or reason to this page, other than the photos here remind us of the things we smiled at during our travels.

First aid?
An American Capitalist on the Continent displays cut throat business skills

Flo was just fantastic.  His very quickly became part of the group, and even spent time with us after his shift was over, meeting us in Munich on one of his days off.

One of the few memories
we have of Iceland
and Iceland Air.  :-)

Happy Birthday to Tyler
who turned 12 during
the trip!

It may seem odd to include a photo of a pay toilet in this collection, but most of the scouts had never seen one before and it was a welcomed sight after a long bus ride.

There were dogs everywhere in the cities, and this beast caught our attention.  I doubt many of our dogs would have been as well behaved, especially in a cheese store!

Gage making friends

The country side was beautiful, and these little shacks were everywhere.
We never did get a clear understanding of what they were for.

Below, Mr. Wilbur shows off some of the scrapes he sustained while sledding down a glacier into a bunch of nice scratchy rocks.

And here he is, making friends with the invisible man.

Below are two posters that we saw at the top of the railway that brought us to the Zugspitze glacier.  I'm not sure which of the two got photographed more by the scouts.

Can you say doppleganger?

Take a careful look at the coffee mug. 

It's from Syracuse!

We travel half way across the globe, and we find china that came from just down the road.

Small world, eh?

Take a look at this sign offering food from around the world.

We get the cheeseburger!


The boys adapted pretty quickly to using the Euro.










Check out the size of this horn!


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