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As part of the planning for this trip, we decided to create some things to help commemorate the event and give us an added sense of identity.

First on that list was a common t-shirt.  Josiah A. lead this creative effort.  The saying on the back reads "Rund ist die Welt, darum Brüder laßt uns reisen".  It's a German saying, which translates to "The world is round. Therefore, brothers, let us travel".  It seemed appropriate for this trip, and we made sure all the boys not only knew what it meant, but also how to pronounce it.  We bought these online through Class B, and they actually count as uniforms for the troop.

Jared B. lead the charge to come up with a design for patches that can be worn on our uniforms.  After a few variations, we settled on the image below.  The phrase "Andere Länder, andere Sitten" is another German saying, and it translates to "Other countries, other customs".  See if you can find the mistake on the patch.

Of course, there IS the fantastic and amazing DVD of the whole event.  Herr Bauer took this idea and ran with it.  Very impressive.  This is discussed in a little more detail on it's own page.

And finally, we have the commemorative coins.  The genesis of the idea was that we wanted to have something that we could use to thank the military and civilian friends we'd make while in Germany.  After all, we were staying at a military base, right?  The idea caught on, and we used it as an added incentive for our Kickstarter campaign. 

John Koslosky took lead on coming up with a design.  The Indian and moon motif on the back were designs originally used on Troop 14's neckerchiefs many years prior, and Smokey Elmer was the Troop Master many years ago.  His philosophy and leadership echo through the troop still, and this was a way to help honor that tradition.

Only 200 of these coins were minted, with the son of Smokey Elmer getting #1 and John Koslosky himself taking #200.  Everybody who went on the trip received one, and we used them to thank key people along the way, such as Flo, our first bus driver on the trip.


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