Camping Beside the Alps
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It's going to be difficult to top this... waking up each morning to the sight of Der Zugspitze every morning.

Mr. Wilbur and a few of the scouts tented our entire stay at Kean's in this beautiful alpine meadow.

All of the scouts tented at least one night, a few grumbles notwithstanding.


What an ugly slug!

Gummi-Bear orange, these were all over the place in the woods off to the side.  We also found them along some of the side streets in Mittenwald, all over some of the sidewalks.

Interestingly, this was one of the few bits of "wildlife" we saw while there.  The woods were really quiet... no songbirds in the morning.

We had a veritable mish-mash of tents, some very old.
They all had character, however.
Troop 14 Character!!!

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