Travelling To & Fro
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Notes: We spent a lot of time in transit of one sort or another, which meant that we ended up taking a lot of pictures of being on busses or planes. 

School Busses...

Only one adult appreciated the cool shirts purchased for our leaders & he wasn't even wearing his shirt! Can you spot him??

We went on a First World trip with a Third World beginning and ending. Taking a school bus to/from New York City saved a lot of $$$ but the experience was a BIG THUMBS DOWN. Hot and uncomfortable, especially on the return home. Next time: first class all the way.



Airplanes and Airports...

Airports were modern & clean. Our Scouts looked sharp walking around in their Class A's!


The drudgery of boarding: the same at home as it is overseas.

The flights were all uneventful.
Not a bad thing!!!


Trains (to Der Zugspitze!)

Perhaps the Scoutmaster's favorite part of the trip, the trip by rail up the Zugspitze was comfortable and offered scenic views.


Busses (& nap time!)

We set a tiring pace. Here our Scouts and esteemed leaders catch some Z's. Our tour buses were exceptionally comfortable.



On most of our "tour days" we managed to eat our breakfast en route.  This challenged out creativity and balance, but it also saved us all sorts of time.  Lots of pastries, fruits, and cold cuts... every part of it was delicious!


Views en route...


Look carefully, do you see the waterfall?

Where meadows meet mountains, gorgeous!

Mysterious man-made object

Noticed many churches with these unusual spires

Great picture, representative of much of the countryside we passed through.

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