Zugspitze Glacier
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The highlight of our trip for many. We took a train most of the way up, then a tram to the summit. It rained a lot during our stay in Germany, but the weather was perfect on this day!



The View...

Spectacular views!! A place one could easily spend many hours.




The Station Area...

Boy, the food was terrific!!!

Dining outside, in the midst of alpine beauty, what a way to enjoy a tasty meal!!

The boys had a blast while the Scoutmaster, bottom pic, closely observed the happenings.




The crew...

Fine shots of the Troop! What a fine group of young men!!

And the leaders? They had a blast too, everyone enjoyed Zugspitze.


The glacier...

Barren, yet unforgettable. The scouts proudly display our Troop banner!




The Germans were sledding, so, what the heck! We improvised. Here, Grant K watches in amazement as his father, the esteemed James S. Sherman Memorial Professor and Chair of Government at Hamilton College, leads the way!


Our resident academic wasn't the only bloke joining in the fun as Luftmarshall Bauer & Mr. Wilbur also took-up the Z Challenge.

And, in the first pic, Grant K. eagerly follows in his dad's, well, in his dad's sled steps.

Of course, many of the scouts also sledded while Assistant Scoutmaster John Klimacek followed the sound example of his Scoutmaster by providing crucial oversight.

Heading back up the glacier for more sledding foolishness.

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