Zugspitze Summit
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Misty, cool & plenty of ravens! A foreboding bird to some, however, they seemed to take to us!

Sam N. called them in, it is supposed, with his dead-on call.



Well, so we're at the summit right??

Took the tram up.

 What, we're really NOT at the summit?

"Hey, Kos, can we climb up to the real summit? It'll be a cinch!"

"Hmmm, well, as long as your dad goes, or if Mr. Ivory takes you under his wings."

So, a few of our bravest souls stepped off the platform and made their way to the REAL DEAL!

Watching their ascent was probably more nerve-wracking than actually climbing to the top.

It was great seeing the Troop 14 banner displayed atop the Big Z!!!


The picture below is probably my personal favorite. It give a very clear sense of exactly how sheer the cliff face was.



Happy faces and a proud father-son moment to boot!!

Still, those ladders/rungs look a bit scary, wouldn't you agree??

Guess the 10th point of the Scout Law takes care of that, though.


There's a web-cam on the top of Der Zugspitze that takes a panoramic picture every 5 minutes. It's pretty cool. Even cooler? It keeps an archive of every photo it's ever taken.  We're on it!

Go to this site...


Along the bottom are some links. Click 'Archive'.  On the controls that come up, dial in this date and time...

August 28, 2014

If you look through the photos of then and for the next half hour or so, you'll see members of Troop 14, including shots of some of us going up to the actual summit. You can drag the image left and right, and you can evne zoom in and out a little bit.

No doubt about it, this was one of the coolest things we've ever done.

It's going to be hard to top
Der Zugspitze


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