Zurich, Switzerland
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An amazing city.

Saw many spectacular sights en route, including interesting views of Swiss railroading. The route along the lake was especially memorable.

In Zurich, one group of scouts took a boat tour while the rest of us hoofed it about town.


It was a trip of a lifetime for this father-son tean: Tim G. & Ed G., Troop Fourteeners in Europe!

Pristine waterfront, no trash.



Some of us learned, to our great dismay, that portions served in European restaurants were not the serving size we were used to back home. We rarely saw a hefty European, I wonder why?


As if it wasn't tricky enough keeping track of money spent and the conversions used, Switzerland didn't use Euros... they used the Swiss Franc


Visited museum, what secrets were held in these safe deposit boxes? Money, gold, other riches, it sets an avaricious imagination in motion....


Check out the size of the door!



Food could be easily found on the street, with the prices being not too much higher than what we found in other European cities.

Eating at a sit-down restaurant, even the casual buffet kind, could get quite pricey.



Meinrad's Puppen & Bren Klinik


I'll bet you a Swiss Franc that you can't guess what our guys are looking at from this pier.

And no... it's not the ladies on the paddle boards above.

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