Weekend at Camp Russell

Camp Russel is Troop 14 annual winter camp-out.  It’s is a large summer camp located near Old Forge.    We stay a night or two in the camp’s mess hall, which is filled with staked tableCamp Russell March 21-22 004s and benches that we use as beds. Camp Russel is a much more laid back and easy camp out.

We spend much of our time playing board games and ping-pong if anyone brought the necessary equipment. People play a lot of chess, checkers, and cards, and of course a round of our annual Camp Russel Risk match.  We use all the mess hall’s stoves to cook up delicious meals. The scouts take shifts cooking and cleaning all of our meals.

During the day we may go snowshoeing or skiing. We will of course have snowball fights, go on small hikes around the campground , and at least one snow football game. Camp Russel is one of our favorite yearly camp-outs. Almost everyone who goes haves a great time. That’s why we do this camp-out every winter without fail.

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