Court of Awards – Oliver Makes Eagle!

taking the oath
Mytaking the eagle oath

My name is Oliver Pratt.

Last October I was awarded my eagle scout. I’ve been in scouting for 6 years now. I joined boy¬†scouts because when I was a kid my parents pushed me to do activities. Problem was I never cared for sports or music, I tried martial arts but wasn’t a huge fan. Then I tried boy scouts and got hooked. It probably helped that the first merit badge I did was the aviation merit badge witch involved piloting a plane, or that my first camping trip was to Camp Russel, one of my favorite and the absolute best first camp-out. It also helped that I was in troop 14, one of the greatest troops in scouting.

How many other troops have been to Yellowstone or Germany. How many scout troops have spent a week on a sail boat at Florida Sea Base. Eve canoed through Maine wilderness, I’ve climbed some of the tallest mountains in the Adirondacks and been on top of the tallest mountain in all of Germany. Friends I know from other troops have never done anything like this. Every summer they go to the same old local summer camp a hour away. Troop 14 is a amazing troop, trough the hard work of the scout leaders and all of our fundraising efforts Troop 14 can do what most troops can’t.

In scouting I have learned many things, Merit badges have given me experience and knowledge in many different areas. In fact merit badges have allowed me to get a better idea of what I wanted to do with my future. That was also helped by Mr. Ivory who taught me how to be the troop webmaster. As webmaster I would write up and make web pages for all of our scouting trips. I later on my own took what i learned from being the webmaster and expanded on it. I created other websites and dabbled in graphic design, 3D animation and code. Being the troop webmaster helped me figure out I wanted to work in computer science which I will be starting at MVCC this Fall.

The knowledge and experience I’ve gained while in this troop is invaluable. I Thank all the scout leaders who make this Troop what it is. I want to thank my parents who pushed me to make eagle. I thank all my fellow scouts who I’ve shared these adventures with. Im Glad I joined scouting and even more glad I joined troop 14 as you wont be able to find a better troop anywhere.