November Camping Trip!

Back in November 2016, we went on a camping trip to Camp Henderson. When we got to the campground, it was dark out so we relied on flashlights and propane lamps for the rest of the night. We slept pretty comfortably in lean-tos. We woke up the very next day and we ate pancakes and bacon that was made on a griddle.

gjfjgjShortly after breakfast, we went geocaching. Geocaching is essentially the Pokemon Go of Boy Scouts. We got in our cars and we drove to a place not too far away, right near a lake. It wasn’t your ideal place to bring a baby. It was full of animal bones, dead stuff and all sorts of cool stuff! We found the geocache and then we hopped back into our cars and drove to another

We were surprised that there were even any geocaches there because it was basically in a private backyard. Somebody even got out of their house to question what we were doing. In the woods (backyard) we found three geocaches. After that, we all got back to our cars and drove back to the campsite.

gcWe ate grilled cheese which you know is always appetizing. We played capture the flag after lunch. Shortly after playing capture the flag for about one hour we found out that we were given the privilege to stay in a heated cabin. There was supposed to be a huge snow storm so thank The Flying Spaghetti Monster. We played manhunt in the woods for about ten minutes and then we went to bed. We all woke to a winter wonderland! It snowed like crazy during the night. Because it was cold outside we decided to pack up quickly.
We all took the traditional final group picture in front of the cabin and then we head out. My car had some difficulties getting up the hill.

We stopped at a convenient store to get chips and hot chocolate. I ordered your everyday bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. I waited about five minutes. My friend ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich that was about the same size. He waited about fifteen minutes. We all got back into our cars and drove another thirty minutes back home and we unpacked and we all went back home.

mmmmmTo get directions to Camp Henderson or you just want to know where it is, visit:,-74.9232204,17z?hl=en



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