NYC Trip

This Memorial Day weekend the troop went to NYC. During the trip the scouts visited the USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.  Some impressive aircraft and naval vehicles were on display to include an actual Space Shuttle. They were all housed on board the USS Intrepid, a Midway Class Aircraft Carrier that was used all the way up through Vietnam.

The Scouts were set loose to discover and explore all that the museum had to offer. After our visit to the museum, we ventured back to the Port Authority bus terminal to below ground and travel via the NYC Subway system. We headed down to Lower Manhattan where we had reservations at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. After emerging from the underground museum, the group came up and visited the reflecting pools – two large cavernous pits with waterfalls pouring into what looks like an infinite hole in the ground.  These pools are situated exactly where the twin towers used to stand as a symbol of what was lost on that day. It was a very moving and insightful experience for the group – both young and old.

Finally, after a long, hot and tiring day, it was time to head back up town to the Port Authority terminal where the group was to catch the bus back to Camp Alpine. After a mere 16 miles of walking around and venturing through the streets of NYC, a portion of the group made one last venture over to Times Square to catch a glimpse of where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.  A big thanks to Mr. Bauer for leading the trip. He had a lot going on and still led the group successfully through the hot and congested bus and subway stations, and the streets of Manhattan to get the troop to the Intrepid, and WTC and home again in one piece. Also a big thanks to Mr. Fitzsimmons for playing a crucial role in getting the troop all their reservations and booking the arrangements.