October backpacking trip!

The campout was cold, but we were strong. We went to Cascade Lake, NY. When we were packing the truck it was raining but around twenty minutes into the drive it was already snowing. We arrived at the parking lot at around 11:00 and we set up a tarp and ate lunch which consisted of pita bread and Nutella or peanut butter.

After we ate, we took down the tarp and went for a hike to the campsite. It was gorgeous scenery, it looked out of this world.


We got to the campsite and set up our tents and a campfire. The fire was our only heat source so everyone was hovering around the fire. Four hours later we ate dinner. We ate chicken-flavored Ramen noodles. Another five hours around the campfire telling jokes, we went to bed. It wasn’t the perfect night of sleep but we got through it.

Some kids had a tougher time with the weather than others, but everyone survived and were in fantastic spirits by the time we stopped for snacks and warm beverages on the way home.  Hopefully some lessons were learned about staying dry.  🙂

To check out this place visit https://www.google.com/maps/@43.7908469,-74.8045677,16z