Pharaoh Lake Wilderness

Toward the end of spring break we did a backpacking trip to Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. Three scouts and four parents went on the trip. After a 2.5 hour car ride north of Albany we got there, and found out that it was a really nice place to go camping. (

We had to walk at least three miles to get to our camping spot, which was unique because it was on top of a hill and right by the lake. After we set up camp and made a roaring fire, we had our dinner which we backpacked in. There was a variety of dehydrated food and an extra treat of fresh kielbasa and organic potatoes prepared over the open fire.

Before we went to sleep we secured the camp of bears by putting the food up high in the trees.

The night was quite cold but comfortable, except the blood curling scream that woke up everybody at our camp. We are still not sure what creature made this noise, but were guessing that it was a screeching owl. In the morning, we had a quick breakfast of oatmeal, and then set out for Pharaoh Mtn. The hike was long and steep, but the view at the top was worth it. Once we got back to the camp after the hike, we packed everything quickly and set out for the cars. Once we left we went our separate ways back home. The total miles of our trip that weekend was about seventeen. Everyone said that the trip was great and they would like to go back to it again.

Thanks to Mr. Wisner for planning and leading the trip.