Song Mountain Ski Trip

If you like to ski or snowboard then Song Mountain in Tully New York is the place for you. Oh… you don’t know how to ski or snowboard, no problem they have lessons for both there.

It was a mild car ride; not long. When we got to the mountain it was only a couple minutes before we could get our stuff and go. For the first hour Nate and I went down the bunny slope until Lawrence came and said “hey want go up there” pointing at the highest ski lift. I said sure but Nate did not want to. We went up the lift and started regretting our choices, the ride up was 9 minutes before we reached the top. “Hey ah the path we wanted to go down is a black diamond”. Then all we did was go up then down until the end. Also there was pizza and cupcakes.

song mountain 2017

All in all the trip was pretty good, and we are going to do it next year  for sure.

195 thoughts on “Song Mountain Ski Trip

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