Winter Camping at Cederlands

We finally got a chance to go back to Cederlands when we thought the prior time would have been our last. We left at 8:30 on Saturday morning and arrived at Cederlands by 12:00. When we got there, thankfully the roads were plowed so we could park our cars without any struggle. Then as we always have done, we put our equipment in our sleds that we brought and we pushed them up and down steep hills to our camp for the weekend, about a  1 & 1/4 mile away. By the time we got to theIMG_71091 camp some scouts were exhausted, but the ones that weren’t started to play in the snow. In the evening we finally had a game of snow football which was fun. When we finished all the scouts were hungry, so we had dinner. After dinner everyone just relaxed indoors and outdoors by the fire till it was 10:00pm. That night it was a full moon so when the people sleeping in the tents woke up they thought it was morning. When morning finally came everyone had a quick breakfast. Before we left the we had a picture by the chimney down by the water for the second year in a row. Finally we had to say goodbye to Cederlands and left. Here are somethings people said about the trip:

Well despite the extreme cold it was a fun time at Cedarlands.  Thanks fellow adults for all of the hard work. 


The kids had a blast…
They played Snow Football, sledded and dined on Chili and Split Pea Soup. Thanks I am still trying to warm up!”

It was wonderful to spend time with my son and his BSA Troop 14 on their annual winter freeze out in the Adirondack park at Cedarlands Boy Scout Reserve. Clear sky’s and a moderate amount of snow made it magical. It was nice to see some of the past Eagle Scouts come out with us. It is the legacy of a great Troop that the past Scouts come back and visit.  Sure it was cold but the Kybo’s seats weren’t that bad – Mr. Lingley






515 thoughts on “Winter Camping at Cederlands

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