Winter Weekend at Alder Creek Cabin

A great weekend was tinged with a bit of sadness.  This was to be our last winter weekend at Cedarlands; a point not lost on the many scouts and adults that came along on this trip.

The weekend was (predictably) cold and snowy… just as it should be for January in the Adirondacks.  The boys teamed up and trudged their way through the snow, dragging their goods behind them and on their backs.

While some of us made an epic hike across the lake (a first time event for many), some of the scouts shoveled off part of the lake to do some ice skating and do some ad-hoc hockey (also a first in troop history).

It kind of seemed like a good idea to at least take pictures of the plaques on this arch before the camp takes on new ownership.  It’s completely unclear what the district’s plans are for these.

Food, as always, was just excellent, with Mr. Lingley leading the charge.  While we had a snug cabin to hide away in, we spent a long time around the campfire, sharing stories, and playing “crossed, un-crossed”.

The next morning, we packed up and headed out.  At least that was the plan.  A few of the cars got stuck in the snow, so it took a bit of extra effort by everyone to help push.  Even then, there was a casualty… the front bumper of Mr. Lingley’s car was sacrificed in the effort.

Scouts: James S., Joseph R., Gage K., Samuel A., Mattherw C., Laurence C., Tyler T., Josiah A., Jake L., Christopher M.

Adults: MaryBeth Abbadessa, John Ivory, John Koslosky, Scott Lingley, Carl Kilborne, Lynne Morinitti, Karen Minns, Joe Rizzo