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bulletA link to the Revolutionary Trails Council. where many fine bits of scout info can be found.
bulletScouting Merit Badge Page (also very nicely done, showing what each badge looks like, and detailing the full set of requirements for it).
bulletOfficial Boy Scout Main Site.  Actually, I made this link take you to their site map, which is both robust and helpful.

Medical forms for camping ...  SCOUT FORM ... ADULT FORM
To the right is a scan of one of the pages from a fine book called "Basic Essentials: Backpacking" by Harry Roberts (ISBN: 0-7627-0476-4).  It's only $8 or so, and is a good primer on things like how to pack, what to bring, how to select shoes, the differences between external and internal frame backpacks... you get the idea.  I'd recommend checking out a copy.

We also have two short Word documents for download which tell you how to pack your backpack, and how to select gear.

How to make
Trash Can Turkey!

Manual for the troop's
2-way radios.

How to set up the troop's
backpacking tents

Sample list of things to
bring on a campout

Stuff to bring for hot dog sales
(as in front of Herbs or Gander)

Beef Jerky Recipes

Troop 14 Food Log


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Troop 14 is chartered by the Messiah United Church of Christ, Washington Mills