Ballou 2000
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Camp Ballou (click here for directions)


November 18-19


Two adults (Mike F. and John I.) shepherded 10 scouts... Ben and Matt T., Chris and Matt I., Nick B., Brian F., Justin D., Mark and Dave F., and Matt B.  (Two of the scouts went home for the night, instead of braving the evening in tents with the rest of us.)

 John Koslosky was instrumental in getting us to and from the place unharmed, with cameo appearances from 2-3 parents.


The weather seems to have scared off a couple of the scouts who planned on coming, but it really turned out quite nice.  The photos of the waterfalls below turned out quite nice.
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The scouting office is allowing selective logging of some of the hardwoods on the camp grounds.  Unfortunately, this resulted in some pretty deep gouges from the heavy equipment, which in turn lead to some extremely muddy areas.

And, like moths to a flame, so went the scouts.  :-)

Pb180033.jpg (156930 bytes)
Pb180032.jpg (59612 bytes)


Using compasses and a contour map, we charted and trekked our way to a pretty cool waterfall and back.

Pb180034.jpg (130280 bytes)
Pb180031.jpg (181037 bytes)Pb180038.jpg (67060 bytes) There was a light dusting of snow on the terrain, and a little bit falling from the sky, making for a pleasant scene.
We ate well, and the scouts did all the cooking.  Lunch of hot dogs and soup, dinner of spaghetti with sauce from scratch, and breakfast of pancakes and sausage. Pb180042.jpg (119590 bytes)Pb180043.jpg (109620 bytes)

As always...
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