BIG Bike Trip
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Location: From New Hartford down to Waterville and back.
Dates: October 7, 2006
Who: Only two scouts (Bryce H. and Jeremy R.) joined the four adults... John Koslosky, Mike Fitzsimmons, Cliff Rose, and Todd Hobin.
Notes: The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, showing what a lovely day it was.  The general consensus was that this wasn't as hard as people would have originally guessed, and all were glad they went.

The route took us from Paris Hill in New Hartford to Waterville NY, about 30 miles give or take. We spent a lot of time on Rt 12. Started out heading South to Waterville along Rt 12 until we came to Shanley Road (I believe) from there we biked to another Rt, I think 318, probably not right.

Lots of hills and some very nice scenery. Overall everyone did well and had a good time. Something we should definitely do again.

Bryce's dad met us along the way and helped set the pace as well as give some good biking tips. We started around 9am, got into Waterville around 1, had lunch and arrived back home around 4 or so.

The ride home was definitely easier given that the majority of it was fairly flat or downhill. Turned out to be a great day, the weather perfect for biking.

(My thanks to Mike F. for the notes above and the great photos.)