Inside @ Russell, Winter 2006
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Location: Camp Russell (where else?)
Dates: December 15-17, 2006
Jonathan A., Arjun A., Nick D., Patrick D. (the elder), Ben D., Patrick D. (the younger), Brian F. (the younger), Bryce H., Matt I., John K., Jeremy R., Matt and Chris S. Jim Derrane, John Dooley, John Ivory, Cliff Rose, Bill Klimacek
Shelby and Tripp
Notes: You'll notice a new kid in these pictures!  Quite a first exposure to us... at our favorite places.

The Food

As always, there was plenty of it.  Nobody goes hungry on these trips.

The Fish

Since there was NO ICE on the lake, Mr. Derrane decided to throw a line in.  In under 5 minutes he nailed this beauty.  It was a great opportunity to show the kids how to gut one, and it made for an amazing addition to the evening meal.  Nobody can cook a fish like Mr. D!


Board games after board games, with Mr. I's 30+ year old copy of RISK being a recurring favorite.  And of course, there were rubber band wars and the like.  A new addition was a skill based game of stacking drinking cups, as seen in the movie below.


NO SNOW!  The last week in December, and there's NO SNOW?  What kind of winter is this, anyway?!

So... we went for a short hike, played around on some sand dunes, and got a few rounds in of touch football!

The Pets

Shelby Derrane is part of the old guard, having been on a number of these outings with us.  Trip Ivory is the "young pup" that had a lot of new stuff to get used to since this was his first campout.  As you can see in the 2nd photo, they quickly got into the right swing of things.

(FYI, Trip was named after a Star Trek character.  Who'd have guessed?!)