Shooting Skeet
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Location: Ilion Fish and Game Club
Dates: September 14, 2006
Who: The families of Derranes, Ivorys, Fitzsimmons, Klimaceks, Cominskys, as well as Matt and Chris S.
Notes: Special thanks go to Mike Fitzsimmons for not only organizing this event, but also taking all the photos.
Even though the weather was a bit on the drizzly side, it was nice to see so many scouts and parent show up for this. 

The staff at he Ilion Fish and Game Club were both patient and generous for spending as much time with us as they did, and their help was greatly appreciated.

At no surprise to anybody, Brian F. (the elder) was a strong contender, where his skills showed off quite nicely.  Everyone had a great time, learning not only how to shoot, but general rules about gun safety.