Cedarlands - 2007
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Location: Cedarlands Scout Reservation, Long Lake, NY
Dates: Jul 29 - Aug 4, 2007
Who: Jonathan A., Brandon B., Nick D., Patrick D. (the elder), Ben D., Patrick D. (the younger), Brian F., Alec F., Bryce H., John K., Brandon M., Jonathan M., Jason M., David M., Evan M., Jeremy R., Doug S., Matt S., Chris S. (Adults included Rob Bedell, Bob Decker, Jim Derrane, John Dooley, Kevin Fee, Mike Fitzsimmons, & Cliff Rose.)
Notes: Unfortunately, the webmaster didn't go on this trip, other than to drive up the first day and help everybody settle into camp.  It's the first one I've missed in many years.  Because of this, I don't have much commentary I can add to all the wonderful photos below.  Fortunately, they generally stand on their own merit.  Also, the list of attendees (above) is just what I can guess from the photos, so if I'm wrong, please let me know.

Mt. Masters

The great weather provided a nice hike, especially for the many new scouts who've not yet been to the top.  The troop biked over and back, and had fantastic views from the top.

It's fun each time to see how many trail markers remain from a long time ago, when John Koslosky was a scout himself and helped put up many of them.

A New Museum

We managed to take our first trip to the new Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks, locate in Tupper Lake.  It was very impressive and well done.  A good time was had by all.



Not just a store...
It's an institution; a way of life.
The best darned place in the

Polar Bear Swims

Often complained about ahead of time, but seldom regretted afterwards.  All the scout participated in this pre-breakfast jump in the lake.

There ain't no cooking like camp cooking.
And y'know... there's a lot to be said for just hanging around camp, too.
The adults catch up naps, or reading the papers, while the
boys catch up on some quality comic books and MAD magazines

Nudda Buhda

Kayaks and canoes are just an excuse as a way to get away from the camp itself and have some free format fun on the lake.  It's some of the best swimming all summer long.

For many of our younger scouts, this was their first experience with this type of fun. 

The fishing wasn't too bad either!

There's always something a bit magical about the lake at Cedarlands.  The sense of calm and serenity at times is so soothing; a start contrast to what many of us experience during our daily lives.  I think one of our better rules is that there be no electronic entertainment of any sort for the scouts.  Somehow and iPod or GameBoy or even a radio would just spoil this place.


Buttermilk Falls...

...is a classic place for our troop to go.  No offense against the water fun we can have at the camp, but this is is a lot more exciting and refreshing.

No broken bones yet.