Fishing & Boston!
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Location: Massachusetts Maritime Academy (in Buzzard's Bay, MA) and the surrounding area.
Dates: Memorial Day Weekend, 2007 (May 25-28)
Who: Pretty much everybody!  Lots of whole families, older scouts... the works.  Too many to name.  ;-)

This is probably one of the biggest family affairs we've ever had.  Vacations were planned around it, and we had a BIG turnout for brothers, sisters, and mothers!  Most of the adults made camp in one of the class rooms, and the bulk of the kids made camp in another one down the hall.  How these young folk manage to survive on so little sleep is amazing.  They were up until all hors of the night playing board games in the halls.

As always, food at the site was great, and the people at the Maritime Academy were wonderful hosts to us.


The fishing trip went quite well, with most everybody catching something.  The seas were calmer than the first time we did this a few years ago (thank goodness) so there was no sea-sickness to speak of.

Riding back, each of the younger guys had a chance to steer the boat.  They even had the option of watching one of the crew mates clean the many fish we caught... bloody, but interesting.



After getting back to shore, we ambled around Plymouth town a bit, getting food, napping, seeing Plymouth Rock, etc.

(We have no idea who the two biker dudes are in the photo below, but they seemed to take a shine to one of our young ladies.) 



The final night at the Academy presented a little challenge, as there was a major power outage, which caused us to have to shuffle around to new hallways and such.  No big deal, as most of us were pretty pooped from having spent the day in Boston.

Here's a test!
Take a careful look at the group photo below and see if you can find the 3 people who were not associated with Troop 14.

The many photos on this page are just a subset of all that were taken during this weekend, so I had to do some pick'n & choose'n.  Some always cause me to pause and wonder why they were taken.  Why take pictures of street signs, for example? But then I look at them with a little more detail.  Why is a strangely dressed kid running near a "slow school"?  Why is a lady in a dress dragging a kid with a surfboard in Boston, where you never see anybody surfing in the first place?

The photos below, however, are more obviously strange, such as that really bizarre looking bike in the lower right.

Kudos to these four!  The went out into the streets of Boston and had some good, simple, clean fun... just being goofy.  More power to them.