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Location: Camp Henderson, and Clark Sports Center
Dates: March 2-4, 2007
Who: Patrick D. (the elder), Ben D., Sarah D., Patrick D. (the younger), Brian F., Bryce H., Matthew I., John K., Brandon M., Jonathan M., Jason M., Matt S., Chris S.
Notes: This is not only an excellent team building exercise, but is always a general good time.  We'd recommend this to any troop that happens to be in the area.

There were two distinct aspects to this trip... the outdoor time at Camp Henderson (shown here), and the indoor time discussed below.

Having lean-tos available makes all the difference in the world.  The snow was no big deal, and everybody slept just great.  Hot food certainly helped.

To get the full set of details about this ROPES course, we'd encourage you to visit the web site for Clark Sports Center, or to give them a call.  They have two courses... one inside above the pool (shown here) and one outside, that we're looking to try some day.

There are several stations along the length of the pool, starting with the climb up the rope ladder.  You end up about 30 feet above the pool, and are nicely attached to a safety harness for the entire time you are up there.  In fact, safety was a very big theme throughout our time there, starting with very solid instruction.

Sarah D. was the first person up and over; good for her!  It made it kinda hard for any of the boys to chicken out after having seen a girl do it!

At the end of the course, you had a choice of whether you wanted to be lowered down, or be dropped directly into the deep pool.  Since the heat at the top was on the order of 90 with high humidity, it gave great incentive to take the plunge.

There were so many pictures taken, that I've just allowed them to exist free-form a the bottom of this page.  Enjoy.