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Dates: October 16, 2007
Who: Brandon B., his little sister, the rest of the family, the rest of Troop 14, and assorted leaders from the district and council.
Notes: Below is a copy of the program that guided the events of the evening.  I figured they'd do a better job of recording this than I could.  I did, however, remove reference to Brandon's last name, only to follow the long standing convention of trying to not give the last name of scouts on these web pages until they turn 18.

Medal of Merit Heroism Award

(Bill Koslosky comes forward)

Good evening and welcome to a special ceremony as we honor and recognize a very special individual in our community. The values of character development, leadership and fitness are the core components of Scouting that help to instill lifetime values in our young people.

Throughout the ceremony tonight, you will see and hear first-hand how the values of Scouting have been instilled in our Scouts from the Revolutionary Trails Council.

As we honor an outstanding Scout this evening, we have some special guests who have joined us tonight in this celebration. As your name is called, please stand and be recognized.


Mr. Nicholas Ide
Revolutionary Trails Council

Mr. Arnie Lankton
Council Commissioner

Mr. Raymond Eschenbach
Senior District Executive
Aplin District

Mr. Bud Dorr
Committee Chair
Aplin District

Mr. Wayne Dapre
District Commissioner
Aplin District

Members of Troop 14

Mr. C. Robert Myers
Scout Executive
and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. John Koslosky
Scoutmaster, Troop 14

Special Town Dignitaries

Members of the
Revolutionary Trails Council
Executive Board

Members of the Aplin District Committee

Members of the Council Advancement Committee

Members of Pack 14

At this time it gives me great pleasure to introduce Mr. C. Robert Meyers, Scout Executive and Chief Executive Officer of the Revolutionary Trails Council who will open this National Court of Honor.

(Bob Meyers comes forward)

At this time, on behalf of the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, I hereby convene this special Court of Honor for the purpose of awarding the Medal of Merit to Brandon. Will Eagle Scouts Patrick Derrane and Matthew Ivory please escort Brandon and his parents to the front.

(Eagle Scouts escort the awardee and his party to the front)

The National Council of the Boy Scouts of America presents four awards to outstanding Scouts or Scouters who have rendered special service to others. The Honor Medal is presented to Scouts and Scouters for saving life at extreme risk to the life of the Scout or Scouter. The Merit Medal is presented to Scouts and Scouters for the performance of service well above which is expected of all Scouts and Scouters in their daily lives and which impacts others to a high degree. The Heroism Medal is presented to Scouts and Scouters for saving life at minimal or less risk than that of the Honor Medal. Certificates of Merit are authorized to be presented when the Scout or Scouter performs a single or multiple acts of heroism or service but of a lesser degree than those required for the other three awards.

All of these awards are presented in the name of the Boy Scouts of America. In order for a Scout or Scouter to honored with such an award, application must be made and approved by the BSAís National Court of Honor. It is in their behalf that I am called to make this Medal of Merit award at this ceremony..

On June 17, 2006, Brandon, his brother, Jarad, his sister, Laura, age 3, and their grandparents sat down for dinner. During the course of dinner, he observed that Laura began to choke. His grandparents were busy trying to calm down his younger brother and hadnít noticed her problem. She grabbed her throat and was unable to speak or cry out for help. Brandon noticed that she was visibly in pain, in acute stress and having trouble breathing. Brandon, utilizing the emergency first aid training he received in Webelos Scouts the previous month, immediately went to his sister, and evaluated the situation. In a prompt and calm manner, Brandon removed her from her booster chair, stood her up and successfully utilized the Heimlich Maneuver on her. Within seconds a somewhat large food object was forced out. Laura was then able to breath and talk and required no further medical attention. His fast and calm efforts saved his sisterís life.

The Scouting program builds character by giving Cub Scouts a guide, Akala. Akala is a Scout leader who teaches boys how to work together, practice new skills and to use those skills as tools to solve problems. Boys are given opportunities to grow in self confidence and independence as they learn to reach out to others through service.

Obviously, Brandon learned these lessons well by using skills he had just learned, staying calm and thereby prevented a tragedy.

(Bob will read the citation on the certificate)

The Medal of Merit presented by the National Court of Honor Boy Scouts of America to Brandon B. for outstanding service in implementing Scouting skills and ideals.  On behalf of the Boy Scouts of America, it gives me great honor to present the Merit Medal to Brandon B.

(Bob presents medal set to parents; parents pin the medal onto the shirt of the Scout)

I declare this Court of Honor for the purpose of presenting the Medal of Merit to Brandon closed.

(Bill Koslosky proceeds from here)

Will Revolutionary Trails Council Commissioner, Arnie Lankton, please come forward to present Brandon with some additional recognitions.

(Arnie Lankton presents the certificates from Senator Griffo,
and Assemblyman Townsend reading each)

(Bill Koslosky continues)

Please join me in recognizing the heroism of this outstanding member of the Boy Scouts of America. On behalf of the Revolutionary Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America, congratulations to Brandon, his family, Pack and Troop 14.

Will Eagle Scouts Patrick D. and Matthew I. please escort Brandon's family to the back of the room.

(Eagle Scouts escort the family back)

We will now have the benediction and the Troop 14 will retire the colors. You will then have a chance to congratulate Brandon and his family. Thank you for joining us on the special occasion