Town Cleanup
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Location: New Hartford, near Rt. 8
Dates: May 19, 2007
Who: Mrs. Derrane led Ben D., Jonathan A., Brian F., Arjun A.
Notes: We now have only one scout with

The boys met up with Ray Durso of the Genesis group and friends to help keep New Hartford beautiful.

 Ben D.  Jonathan A, Brian F. and Arjun all pitched in to pick up the litter around Rt 8 and Genesee St. .  The boys were very entertained by much of the garbage and only grossed out by a few things.  This may turn into a regular thing as we could have gone on for 8 hours and not put a dent in the pickings.   We did make an impression on passers by, I had a few people mention  they saw us out there and good for the scouts for giving back.  Mrs. Derrane had on a New Hartford sweatshirt with DERRANE on the back so they new it was Troop 14 (hence the input from passers by).