Cedarland in Early 2008
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Location: Cedarlands, near Long Lake, NY
Dates: May 3-4, 2008
John Koslosky, Mike Fitzsimmons, John Ivory, Mark Mojave, Kevin Fee, John Dooley, Max Ben D., Jonathan M., Evan M., Brian F., John K., Mike M., Zach C., Patrick D.
Notes: Although Troop 14 has taken no official position regarding the extensive logging that occurred, this web master has.  My thoughts on the topic are my own, and are separate from anything related to the troop.  If you're curious, please visit CedarlandsNews.com.

We were the first troop to visit Cedarlands after the logging campaign, and it certainly gave us a lot to think about (as you can tell from Brian's contemplative gaze on the left).  I've opted to not include many pictures of Cedarlands itself in this event posting, having already done so in CedarlandsNews.com.

Our original intent was to make it all the way into the camp site by car and park there for the weekend, but the road conditions in early Spring are unpredictable, and in this case it was quite muddy.  We instead made camp just over the bridge at a wonderful lean-to next to the creek.  It's a double-decker inside, leaving all sorts of room for everybody.

The weather was a little on the dreary side, but still plenty good enough for us to manage hiking into the camp and to spend time outside.  We made our (now famous) Turkey in a Trashcan, which came out excellent.

This was the first time out in the wilds with us for a couple of the new guys, and we had a pretty good time of it

For whatever reason, I really like the above photo.  It has so many little things to notice in it.  Ben on the left cutting wood, a father and son relaxing together, a scout playing fetch with Max, our giant silver tarp in the background, adults relaxing by the fire, getting that good baked in smokey smell all through their clothes. 
Good times, good times.

Ya just gotta love Max!

We've had a variety of dogs join us on these campouts over the years, and all have been wonderful additions to the troop and the whole camping experience.  People need dogs.  It doesn't matter what kind of day you've had, or what you do for a living... they love us, trust us, befriend us, and amuse us.

I'm just glad, however, that it wasn't my sleeping bag that this one tried to crawl into at the end of the day or my car he had to go home in.  :-)

One more note... at the gas station / convenient mart just outside Cedarlands I was able to pick up some little packets that make your camp-fire turn all sorts of funky colors.  For the life of me, I can't remember the name of them, but they were about a dollar each. 

Well worth it!

For subsequent trips, I'll try to also make up some of the packets mentioned here.