Boston & Deep Sea Fishing
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Location: Massachusetts Maritime Academy (& Boston, of course)
Dates: May 23-26, 2008
Who: Pretty much everybody!  Lots of families; way too many people to count and name.  :-)
Notes: Everyone should know that the people at the Maritime Academy have always been the most gracious of hosts, and we will always be indebted to their generosity and kindness.

The Gym...

As tradition dictated, we took camp in various parts of the main athletic hall, with a few of the older scouts finding a place behind the upstairs bleachers to make a bachelor pad of sorts.

The Boat Trip...

For some odd reason, I always feel as if I should be whistling the theme to Gilligan's Island when I see the boat we go out on.

The weather was fantastic, and I don't remember anybody getting sea sick, unlike the first time we did this a few years ago.

Here be Monsters...

We caught a LOT of sharks on this trip, in addition to the full compliment of fish which we cooked and ate later that same night.  That beasty to the left is some sort of eel.  Ugly as sin, but tasty.  :-)

The staff on the boat did a great job, not only moving us from site to site, but also by untangling our lines when they'd get all messed up (like around the shark below.

The Enforcers

The Tour...

The Maritime Academy has a lot to offer in it's own right, and Mr. Derrane was able to set us up with a tour of the ship that they use to train the cadets on. 

We spent the morning of our last day by checking above and below this vessel.  The red pods in the image below are escape life rafts, each capable of holding an amazing number of people.  I'm sure that if they were ever used, they'd do a fine job of keeping everyone alive, but you just know it wouldn't be a pleasant trip.


What's the big deal about 500 Boylston, you ask?  It's where Crane, Poole, and Schmidt had their offices, silly!

By and large, we broke up into assorted small groups and attacked the city from different angles.  Again, the weather was great, and everybody had a good time.  We came back with as many kids as we started with, and that's usually a good thing.