White Water on the Hudson
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Location: Indian Lake, NY, via Whitewater Challengers
Dates: May 18th, 2008
Jim Derrane, Cliff Rose,
John Dooley,
Mike & Brian Fitzsimmons,
John & Matt Ivory
Ben D., Patrick D. (the elder), Patrick D. (the younger), Zach C., John K., Jeremy R.
Katie Dixon,
Sarah D.,
Trey C.,
Lauren H.
Notes: If you have Google Earth on your system, you should be able to click on this blue marble to get a reasonable view of the path we took along the Hudson.
The photography done by the company we used was just excellent.  So good in fact that I found it hard to delete any photos from this page.  The sets above provide a nice sequence as each raft approached the first big splash of the day.  All the other photos are included below.

Mid-way on the trip, we all pulled off to the side and had tea out of tin cups, and some surprisingly good wraps made from peanut butter, honey, and granola.  In truth, we were so hungry they could have fed us boiled cardboard and we'd have loved it.

The end of the trip included a full barbeque dinner.  Everybody had a blast, and pretty much everybody got tossed into the drink at one point or another.