Middle Branch Lake Hike
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Location: Middle Branch Lake, near Old Forge, NY
Dates: November 14-15, 2009
Who: An excellent collection of scouts (Ben, Emmet, Brian, Sam, Oliver, Tony), some of the standard guard of leaders (Mr. Koslosky, Mr. Fitzsimmons, Mr. Pratt), a couple of new adult leaders (Mr. Loori and Mr. Chiffy!), and of course Max.
Notes: This general region was originally called "Ha-De-Ron-Dah" by the local Indians, which loosely translates to bark-eaters.  It is from this name that we now call the area the Adirondacks.


From Scoutmaster John Koslosky's trip report to the troop...

Our backpacking trip went very well despite the fact that a few of us hiked a little more than planned. I was greatly pleased, however, with the efforts put forth by our scouts. I was especially pleased with the performance of our three youngest scouts: Tony "Speedy" Chiffy, Oliver Pratt & Sam Northrup.

After the trip, Tony hustled back to New Hartford to participate in a soccer game. And Oliver & Sam were members of the group (including yours truly & Brian Pratt) who went on an unplanned side trip. I am especially proud of the way Oliver & Sam took it all in "stride"!

Thanks also to the adult leaders who made this trip possible: Tony Chiffy, Mike Fitzsimmons, Eric Loori & Brian Pratt.

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