Spring Cache
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Location: Little Falls, NY
Dates: Sunday, March 22, 2009
Who: 7 scouts (Ben D., John K., Arthur R., Ethan R., Oliver P., Brandon F., Evan M.), and a collection of 5 adults (Ben's mom, Arthur's dad, Evan's dad, Brandon's dad, and Mr. I.)
Notes: 2 out of 3 ain't bad!
This trip turned out very well.  It started at 10 in the morning when we drove to the Herkimer Home in Little falls (A on the map below), just off the thruway exit.  We parked, then went in search of three geocaches...

B: Swamp View
C: Ruined Ruins
D: Turf Wars

(You may need to have a geocache account to view all the details on the links above. No worry - basic accounts  are free.)

Evan found the one at the swamp very quickly, and we traded a bunch of stuff.  Nice way to start.

Oliver was like a bloodhound, and found the one at the ruins in the blink of an eye.  Lot of cool stuff was traded.

That third one though... we searched and searched and came up blank.  Beats the heck out of us where that thing was.  Even so, it still provided a good excuse for us to hike out that extra distance and go over the bridge at the lock - pretty cool!  We even got to see a lot of people rappelling and doing rock climbing, and we scrounged all over Moss Island looking for caves and pot holes.

Round trip hike was about 6 miles.  Not at all bad for a day of fun.  We even planted our own geocache mid-way between the swamp and the ruins.  It will be interesting to see who finds it over the coming months/years.

When we got back to the Herkimer House, the older scouts coached the younger ones on how to build a fire and we cooked hot dogs and ate trail mix.

A totally satisfying day.