Henderson & Clark
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Location: Henderson Scout Reservation () and the Clark Sports Center ()
Dates: December 17-19, 2010
Josiah A., Ben D., John K., Nick M., Sam N., Oliver P., Doug S., Ben S., Tyler W. Chance
Jim Derrane, John Koslosky, John Ivory, Brian Pratt, Mike Walsh
Notes: We normally have gone to the dining hall at Camp Russell for our Christmas diversion for the past decade, but that was booked up for this weekend.  It's good to break routine once in a while though, and we had a blast.

We'd been to Henderson a variety of times, but never inside, so we had no idea what we were getting into.  It turns out that although the building (the dining hall) is huge, we only get access to a very limited part of it.  It's heated (which is great), and there are bunks.  Not quite as luxurious as Russell, but no less fun.

We certainly ate well!

We were able to bring our normal camp stoves and all our cooking equipment.  Our pre-trip planning was a little weak, but having a grocery store only 15 minutes from camp gave us the chance to be creative.

We of course had our classic Monte Cristos and reubans for lunch, as well as french toast for breakfast.  Plenty of stuff to drink.

And, per advancement requirements, three boys took turns saying grace for the meals.  For most, it was their first opportunity to lead a group in a moment of reverence.  Well done.

It was also great to welcome a new dad into the mix... Mike Walsh.  As you can see, he jumped right into the thick of things, helping the boys prepare and serve the food.

The three dogs that joined us (Chance, Nova, and Trip) spent most of their time either begging for food, playing in the snow outside, or napping on somebody else's sleeping bag.



For $5 per person, how could you go wrong?  Clark Sports Center has everything and anything you'd want.