The Path Along 840
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Location: Mostly along the walking path that's besides Rt. 840
When: Saturday, March 13, 2010
Who: A record breaking 13 scouts and 10 adults!
Click here for a full list of who joined us.
Notes: It was a complete and wonderful surprise to see such a large crowd join us for this hike.  The weather was cold and breezy, but the rain that had been forecast held off.  We started walking at 7:10, and got back to where we started by 10:45... A little over 3.5 hours, which is a very good pace.  We were particularly impressed at how well some of the younger guys kept up with us on this.

(Not everybody was with us at the immediate outset of the trip, and were missing for the above photo. To see the full list of hikers, click here.)

Basically, the hike started out behind Cavallos, proceeded down Genesee and French, and over to the walking trail beside 840.  We went out & back that, then took a twisty path back to where we started.  This link should show you the full path, but just in case that breaks, here's a rough map of our adventure.