Conquering Algonquin
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Location: Mount Algonquin, via the trail from the ADK Lodge
When: May 7-8, 2010
Brandon B., Jared B., Ben D., Brandon M., Sam N., Oliver P., Chris S. Rob Bedell, Jim Derrane, Dan Mahaffy, Chris Northrup, Brian Pratt, Mike & Mike Fitzsimmons, John Ivory
Notes: Algonquin is the 2nd highest peak in the Adirondacks.

Because it's a bit of a drive to get to trailhead, we decided to drive up the Friday eve prior and spend the night.  This was great practice for some of the scouts, and we had plenty of tents to spare.  The night was very rainy, but it held off just fine during the time we were pitching tents.  Impressive rains came through during the evening, but we all faired quite well.

There's a wonderful ADK Lodge right near where we camped (see left), but we didn't get to stay there.  Certainly a fine option for a future trip though.

Breakfast was planned and executed by Jared, which left us well fed for the day's hike.

The hike started out with warnings of possible thunderstorms in the afternoon, and with us having gloves on and jackets fully zipped. 

The early part of the hike was just beautiful... very scenic, very lovely, with a nice wide path and easy walking.  Probably one of the prettiest hikes in the Adirondacks.

You'll notice from the photos here though that as the pace and terrain changed, we started stripping off the layers, leaving most of us in shirt sleeves pretty quickly.

Upon nearing the summit though, we encountered snow, winds we estimate to be in excess of 40 mph, driving sleet, and opaque fog, forcing us to put the winter gear back on.

So, up we went.
and up...
and up...
and up.

I just love this photo.
It says so much, and in so many ways, about these guys.

In addition to numerous small stream crossings, there's a very picturesque waterfalls mid-way up the mountain.

How we got up...

And how we got down...

Not everybody made it to the summit; some had far too much common sense to give it a try.  Shortly after the sign on the left, it pretty much turned into a different world - mostly resembling the planet Hoth from Star Wars.  Without benefit of tree cover, the wind and sleet and fog combined to make a pretty challenging event.  Even so, all of the older scouts opted to let adrenalin and testosterone win out.  There are no pictures from the top, as the hikers had a rough time even seeing each other, but their smiles and memories will outlive anything we can do with a web page.  They alone know what they accomplished.

Even so, everyone that went on this hike was fully challenged, and showed the best of effort and determination.  Troop 14 at its best!.